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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 6:03 AM

Hi friends.Is a long time since i wrote a journal.I have some notices for you.Because my Flickr account runs very,very well (2.600 followers in 2 months and around 15.000 favs for 69 photos),this account takes the second plan.This means that i will be less here, i will post irregularly (at 2-4 weeks),i will respond to messages and that’s it.

I met here wonderful peoples and this is the reason to maintain this account. I know i am not a professional or very good photographer and i don't have appropriate equipment but i want more exposure and this site don't offer.Here is very difficult to get a feedback.

 My future plan is to buy a digital SLR camera and to improve my skills , therefore i want more exposure,more followers for more feedback.

Thank you very much to those who supported me.Take care of yourself.Bye.

P.S.If you really like my works, you will find me.

I love you in 52 languages from Europe

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 23, 2013, 7:50 AM

    1.  Albanian-Te dua

    2.  Arabic-بحبك

                          Behibak(to male)

                          Behibek(to female)                          

    3.  Armenian-Yes kez sirumen

    4.  Azerbaijani-Men seni sevirem

    5.  Belarusian-Ya tabe kahayu

    6.  Bosnian-Volim te

    7.  Bulgarian-Obicham te (Обичам те) 

    8.  Catalan-T'estimo

    9.  Croatian-Volim te

    10.Czech-Miluji Tě

    11.Danish-Jeg elsker dig

    12.Dutch-Ik hou van jou

    13.English-I love you

    14.Estonian-Ma armastan sind

    15.Faroese-Eg elski teg

    16.Finnish-Minä rakastan sinua

    17.French-Je t'aime


    19.German-Ich liebe dich



    22.Icelandic-Eg elska tig

    23.Irish-Tá grá agam duit (correction from  behindthesofa)

    24.Italian-Ti amo

    25.Latvian-Es tevi miilu

    26.Lithuanian-Aš Tave myliu

    27.Luxembourgish-Ech hun dech gaer

    28.Macedonian-Te sakam (Те сакам or Те љубам)


    30.Moldovan-Te iubesc

    31.Norwegian-Jeg elsker deg

    32.Polish-Kocham Cię

    33.Portuguese-Amo-te and Eu te amo(Brazil)

    34.Romanian-Te iubesc

    35.Russian-Ya tebya liubliu

    36.Serbian-Volim te (Волим те)

    37.Slovak-Ľúbim ťa

    38.Slovenian-Ljubim te

    39.Spanish-Te quiero,Te amo

    40.Swedish-Jag älskar dig

    41.Turkish-Seni seviyorum

    42.Ukrainian-Ya tebe kahayu

    From fearless-frog:

    43.Welsh - rwy'n dy garu di

    From ThisIsDebZ :

    44.Scottish Gaelic- Tha gaol agam ort

    From Lighry:

    45.Hebrew- A man to a woman - Ani ohev otach (אני אוהב אותך)

                              A woman to a man - Ani ohevet otcha (אני אוהבת אותך)

                              A man to a man - Ani ohev otcha (אני אוהב אותך)

                              A woman to a woman-Ani ohevet otach(אני אוהבת אותך)

    From Narmita08:

    46.Swiss German-Ich lieb di(ch) or I liäb di

    From Kixmi71:

    47.Basque-Maite zaitut

    From The-shivering-leaf:

    48.Võro-Armasta sinno

    From LaraBLN:

    49.Galician- Quérote

    From Zohreh70:
 دوستت دارم (doostat daram) 
    From Illien-chan:

    51.Old german-
Ech liewen Dech

    From Shafakavci:

Lazuri (a local language in Turkey) - Ma si maoropen

    If you have additions are invited to comment.

    Some languages ​​use a different alphabet.For example:

    Russian-Ya tebya liubliu (я тебя люблю)

    Greek-S'agapw(σ 'αγαπώ)

    I hope you like.




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